While you can always find quality work in the large comic publishers such as DC and Marvel, one can also find diamonds in the rough on the internet. With the advent of the internet, people have been able to publish their own comics online, as well as benefit from them if they become popular. Web Comics are enjoyable to me because their goal is not necessarily to become big and famous. They are works of passion for the comic medium. So in Web Comic Spotlight, I will be focusing on and promoting web comics I enjoy. People can also leave a link to their favorite web comics and I will take those into consideration for the next entry. Without further ado, lets start with one that I have been following for a long time, Blue Blaster. bbc11final-e1379288304518

Created and drawn by Nicholas Foster, Blue Blaster tells the story of Aaron Rung, a down on his luck community college student from Gardenbrook, New Jersey. Everyday he goes through the same monotonous and agitating routine of attending class, putting up with dull jocks, and working at a grocery store where he deals with crazy customers. However, he is given a new lease on life when he accidentally receives superpowers in an explosion at his college campus. Now imbued with great power, Aaron becomes the Blue Blaster, and now struggles to find his place in the superhuman community, as a hero or a villain.

The greatest aspect about Blue Blaster are the characters. Nick Foster has done a great job showing the moral struggle that goes on in Aaron’s life. While Aaron does have a good heart, he is still an impulsive and brash character. He can also hold a grudge, as he initially leaned more toward being a villain because he did not want to defend those he thinks do not deserve it. Overtime, Aaron tries to turn over a new leaf, but no one trusts him because of his past as a villain. Owing to this, Aaron continually struggles between being a hero, as he is tempted to return to his villainous ways. This often leads Aaron into situations where he is in over his head, which just makes Aaron a more real and relatable character. People, especially college students, struggle with their identity as they grow up. It’s a period of time where you are not sure where to go, try new things, and make plenty of mistakes along the way. Nick’s portrayal of Aaron’s moral struggle and search for identity is not only an interesting part of his character, but is something that anyone can relate to.

While Aaron himself is a great character, the supporting cast and secondary characters also make a good impression. Conner, Aaron’s best friend and confidante, initially supports Aaron’s super villain escapades, finding his crusades against the jocks hilarious. However, he does object and stand his ground once Aaron starts getting too involved with other super villains. Conner not only acts as a tether to Aaron’s normal life, but also as the moral compass. Another notable character is a more recent addition to the cast, Allison, who is known as the superhero, Seer. She is part of a New York City based super team, but is not necessarily all into being a superhero. Allison’s main goal is to control her mental powers so she can enjoy a normal life, not fight crime. She gets involved with Aaron after an  altercation he has with her teammates, and sees the good in him when he rescues her. As their relationship develops, Allison’s influence on Aaron pushes him to mend his ways, helping him with temptation. While there are more notable characters, I don’t want to spoil the whole series. While Aaron’s story is the main focus, there are a bunch of stories revolving around his that are just as interesting.

Altogether, Blue Blaster combines the exciting superhero/villain fun with an interesting moral conflict that keeps the reader’s attention. The story is just getting better with every issue, and I cannot wait to see where Nick takes these characters next.  If you found this segment interesting and want to see more, leave a like and a comment, or a link to a web comic you find interesting. For those of you who want to check out Blue Blaster, you can read the full story at http://blue-blaster.com.

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