Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Patrick Gleason and Peter J. Tomasi

Artists: Patrick Gleason

Cover Price: $2.99

While some comic publishers and writers believe that characters who are married do not have the potential to be interesting, they only have to look at this series to see the error of those preconceptions. The new Superman comic has been one my favorite titles of the Rebirth line. Superman’s life as a hero and his home life with Lois and his son, Jon, have been some of the best stories I have read this year. It’s warm and family friendly atmosphere makes each issue an enjoyable experience. While Superman teaching Jon how to control his powers and be a hero does make for a fun story all by itself, I have to say I was more than a bit excited for this issue.

Previously, Jon was abducted by Batman’s son and the current Robin, Damian Wayne, which led to the to getting off on the wrong foot to say the least. After a scuffle that wrecks a portion of the Batcave, both Bruce and Clark test their sons to see not only if they are worthy of wearing their symbols, but if they can actually work together.

Jon and Damian’s interactions in this story arc have been an interesting, but not unexpected, clash of contrasting personalities. While Jon is blue-eyed, humble, and kind, Damian is the complete opposite, being brash, headstrong, and just downright grim. This conflict keeps the boys from effectively working together, but eventually they do put their differences aside to fight for a common good at the end. This story arc give a great foundation for developing the friendship  between Jon and Damian, and makes readers all the more excited for the boys upcoming title, Super Sons. Although I can’t wait for Super Sons, this story arc definitely was a highlight of the series. The focus on the dynamics between Damian and Jon were excellent, and I cannot wait to see what the creative team has up their sleeves for us next issue.

The aspect of this title that appeals to me is that all the stories are short, sweet, and to the point. I say this because my biggest pet peeve about comics is that writers believe story arcs should encompass more issues than I believe are necessary. While epic, long stories are great for blockbuster crossover events, they just make the story feel longer and padded out. Also, if a reader does not like the current storyline, and it goes on for 5 more issues, they might drop the book. While the first story arc in the Superman title I felt was dragging its feet near the end, the quick, two issue pace of the following story arcs got me back into the series. With Superman, Gleason and Tomasi are able to keep your attention for with an interesting story in just two issues. Lets all hope that this trend continues, and hopefully some other writers in the industry would take notice.

Seeing Jon and Damian finally team up was a dream come true, and the team behind this comic did not disappoint. While the boys have a long way to go, I have no doubt that they will be more than worthy to take up their father’s mantles when the time comes. For those of us looking forward to Super Sons, lets hope the same amount of quality writing and art is put into it as the Superman team put into this issue. Super_Sons_Vol_1_1_Textless.jpg

See you all next week, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Mr. J

Score: 10/10