Writer: John Barber

Artist: Kei Zama

Publisher: IDW

Cover Price: $3.99

Coming off of the universe combining event, Revolution, the Transformers now share the same continuity with G. I Joe, M.A.S.K, and ROM. While some have been apprehensive to this, most of the books post event have been pretty good. While new to the IDW Transformers comics, I was won over by the first issue of Optimus Prime, and have been eagerly awaiting the next issue.

After a spaceship crash-land into the Alps in the previous issue, Optimus Prime and company find themselves in the presence of the Junkions, a race of cybertronians who have an unfortunate history in the Cybertronian Civil War. While the Junkions do not present a present danger to the Earth, the Autobots remain unsure on how to proceed with them. Also, in the side story, Orion Pax, a younger Optimus, enlists Prowl in helping him uncover who might be targeting him.

For the most part, this issue was mostly exposition, as there was a lot of back story to be explored with the Junkions and their role in the Civil War. While there are some character moments with Arcee and a comatose Sideswipe, this issue mostly serves to help set up the conflict for the first arc. That does not mean it was not interesting or enjoyable though. I enjoyed learning more about the civil war and particularly liked how the Junkions were introduced and characterized. They seem like fun characters, but I did sense a little foreboding in their arrival as well. Only time will tell if they are truly and ally or in fact an enemy to the Autobots and Earth alike. However, like the Micheal Bay movies, I think Barber could have cut out some of the human parts of the comic. While Optimus’ efforts to help Earth join the Council of Worlds is a main goal, Talon’s monologue I thought was unnecessary and a little forced. Along with the side story in the past, there are three stories to pay attention to in this book, so it can feel that parts do not get all of the attention they need.

Kei Zama’s art continues to be one of my favorite aspects of the book. His art style compliments the book well, providing a lot of color which helps make the panels stand out. This also stands out in his designs of the Junkions, looking as if they were mismatched together with whatever random spare parts were lying around. The use of shadows in the past portion of the book was also a nice touch, giving off a more serious atmosphere that reminds me of many police shows I enjoy watching. I sincerely hope Zama stays on board with this series, and hope to see his work more in the future.

While there was not as much action going on in this issue, I enjoyed learning more about the history behind  the Civil War and how that may affect the story going forward. One aspect of this series I would like to see moving forward is exploring the backgrounds, personalities and relationships of the colonists. While the present and the past stories are interesting, I hope there is room for development for the new members of the cast. With the exception of Talon’s monologue, I throughly enjoyed reading this issue, and I am looking forward to whatever lies ahead for Optimus and his crew.

See you all next week,


Score: 8.5/10