Writer: ONE

Artist: Yusuke Murata

Publisher: Weekly Young Jump

Although my bread and butter on this site is American comics, I am also a very big fan of manga. I enjoy, and have enjoyed, a wide variety of manga over the years. However, I am a creature of habit, so I tend to lean toward manga that have a lot of action and superheroes. I only started reading this series after I watched the anime, and I regret not jumping onto One Punch Man sooner. Continually action packed, wonderfully illustrated and gut bustingly hilarious, I anxiously look forward to each new chapter and the newest installment is no exception.

For those of you unaware, One Punch Man is about Saitama, a superhero for fun whose insurmountable strength prevents him from the challenging fights he so desperately craves. Joining him are a colorful and powerful cast of characters and enemies who all tend to fall short when they inevitably go up against Saitama. Anyways, this chapter opens when the horrible monster Gouketsu offers the other martial artists in the Super Fight Tournament the choice to become monsters and serve the association or die where they stand. While most are hesitant to join up, some become become monsters to gain more power. With the odds not looking in their favor, Suiryu, the champion by default, steps up to fight the monsters. Will Suiryu be able to hold out? Probably not. Will Satiama come back in time to put these monsters in their place? Most likely.

While I wish these chapters were longer, it is because I enjoy them so much. Even though Saitama was absent this chapter, it was nice to spend some time with the side characters. It’s not like this went heavily into everyone’s back story, but I enjoyed Gouketsu mostly holding the reins this chapter. It even did a little world building with the monster cells and how they work. Speaking of which, the true highlight for me this chapter was the transformations some of the fighters went through. While I assumed some of the more sadistic fighters would become monsters, I did not expect a few of the more friendlier looking ones, like Hamukichi, to do so. Also, the designs for their new monster forms were pretty cool, especially Choze’s.

Choze’s Monster Form

With the stakes only getting higher (to eventually reaching a hilarious anticlimax like always), it only makes sense get hyped for the next chapter. Other things I am curious about is how powerful the martial artists who became monsters are and who else might give into the temptation.

Overall, another great chapter with some interesting developments, both character and world building-wise. The wait between chapters always feels long, but just feeds my anticipation to see what happens to Saitama next. With great story telling, fun characters, and consistently excellent art, if you haven’t jumped on board already, you owe it to yourself to check out One Punch Man.

See you all next week,


Score: 9/10

P.S. Who’s monster form was your favorite, and how would you rank them based of the Threat Levels? Leave a comment and tell me what you guys think of the new chapter, I am interested to hear.